ChoreFly is an app that uses positive reinforcement to help you teach your children about rewards for a job well done.

ChoreFly application screens

Features That Make Chores Fly

Prepare your kids for life by teaching them that they will be rewarded for a job well done.


Your dashboard lists children on your plan. You can see a summary of points and make changes to your children.

Chore Lists

Set up a list of chores for each of your children. Set specific days and repeats if necessary. Configure the points that will be awarded when the chore is complete. You can also choose if you would like to verify the chore before points are awarded.

Reward Lists

Configure custom rewards that your children can redeem for point levels of your choice. Reward them with anything you want from a high five to a trip. We know every family has a different budget, so we set up ChoreFly so that you could configure reward levels that work for you.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement is a must for healthy parenting. You use rewards to keep your children excited about getting their chores done, hygiene, good grades, or whatever.

Bonus Points

Grant bonus points to encourage all kids of good behavior. Use bonus points for an extra one-time chore, for good grades, or just because you love them.

Alerts and Approvals

Set up chores so that they require your approval before points are awarded, or not, it's your choice. This was an often requested feature from parents to keep children from exploiting the point system.