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3 ChoreFly logos

Choosing the ChoreFly Logo

When you are starting to think about building a brand, you should be thinking about your logo. When you are thinking about your logo, you should really be thinking about symbolism.

In our case, ChoreFly was ripe with symbolism.

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Sticky notes with chores clipped to a string

Chore Charts

The simplest form of a chore chart is set up with one chart per child. You just add the chore name and mark which days they chore should be done.

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Kids getting an ice cream sundae as a reward

Chore Reward Ideas

A great way to provide positive reinforcement for children who complete chores is to reward chores with prizes. Let’s start off with the basics. Don’t expect a child to be perfect. It will take them a while to get good at the chore. You will be disappointed if you expect perfection. Reward effort, not perfection.

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Ideas on paper

Age Appropriate Chores

Starting about age 2, most people start to ask their children for help tidying
up their “lived in” home. It is important to ask your children to do chores
that are appropriate for their age group to set them up for success.

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