Sticky notes with chores clipped to a string

Chore Charts

The simplest form of a chore chart is set up with one chart per child. You just add the chore name and mark which days they chore should be done.


Pros: Simple chore chart.
Cons: Ambiguity about how to mark chores complete. No reward information.

Chore Cards

Chore cards are another option. You can put the chores on index cards.

Pros: Easy to track which chores are due on which days. Easy to track which chores are todo vs done by using a pile system.
Cons: No reward information. One potential work around for this is to use reward cards, but they it’s confusing how many chores have to be done to get rewarded.


ChoreFly is a web application that allows you to add an unlimited number of chores and rewards. It allows you to set point values for chores and rewards.
It also allows you to add non-chore tasks to encourage hygiene and good grades. ChoreFly is intended to capitalize on positive reinforcement to make the whole chore process easy.

Pros: Infinite chores. Infinite rewards. Point system for completing tasks and redeeming rewards. Parent verification of tasks if desired. Due dates set in the application.
Cons: We charge a small fee to keep the servers running.