3 ChoreFly logos

Choosing the ChoreFly Logo

When you are starting to think about building a brand, you should be thinking about your logo. When you are thinking about your logo, you should really be thinking about symbolism.

In our case, ChoreFly was ripe with symbolism.


Chores can be symbolized as a broom, trashcan, scrub brush, vacuum, duster, mop, bucket, cleaning spray bottle, or a number of other things.

Fly can be symbolized by a hang glider, propeller plane, passenger jet, stealth fighter, rocket ship, flying saucer, or many more.

Since are target demographic is parents with children, we narrowed it down to trash can, flying saucer, rocket ship.

Fonts and Capitalization

You can also convey a lot about your brand with fonts and capitalization. Since our brand is a modern web application, we chose upper camel case. You can use a lowercase font to convey a more friendly approachable brand.


There are many color options. You need to do a bit of research to understand the emotions that colors invoke. Here are a few examples:

  • Red is a color of passion.
  • Purple is a royal or spiritual color.
  • Yellow like the sun is optimistic and bright.
  • Brown is earthy.
  • Black is classic.

We wanted to use blue colors because they create a feeling of trust, security, and confidence. Blue is used by many of the top brands today.

Then, we went to Fiverr. We sent the colors, capitalization, and symbolism to ActualReviewNet. This designer had done a design for a previous start-up. So, we knew what to expect.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a professional design agency, I have another recommendation. I learned most of what I know about logo design from Christopher Uryga at Aedis Creative. He did an awesome job on some branding back a couple start-ups.

Decision Process

We got 3 concepts for our money and needed to finalize one. We didn’t like 0.3 because the trash can was sort of flipped but somehow the lid stayed perfectly in place. It didn’t seem natural. 0.1 was just more colorful than 0.2. So, we asked the designer to slap a TM on 0.1 so it would look more professional.

There you have it. That is how the the ChoreFly logo was born.