About Us

We tried chore charts and allowances with little success. We've had much better luck building a positive reinforcement centered chore tracking application.


What is ChoreFly

ChoreFly is an application to help parents and children keep track of chores, hygiene tasks, grades, and more. It uses a positive reinforcement point system, to keep kids motivated to complete chores. A parent can choose which rewards to make available based on that same point system.

ChoreFly is a great way to prepare children for life. When they get older they will most likely work for a paycheck. ChoreFly helps instill that there are rewards for a job well done.

ChoreFly is a family company located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What Did We Try Before ChoreFly?

When the kids became toddlers we were looking for a system to help me with their potty training. We devised a sticker chart. In the beginning it was a grid with names and dates. They could earn a couple stickers a day for potty training and/or good behavior. It was basically a system of one dollar per sticker. Eventually, we wanted to give them an extra reward for good behavior. So, we had to remove the dates columns.

Some of the challenges with this system were that we didn’t always know why some of the stickers had be awarded. We also didn’t always know where we left off with rewards. It was difficult to keep charts and stickers in stock, costly to keep buying charts and stickers, and wasteful to throw away old charts.

Years later, we tried an allowance system. The kids were given the same allowance on every parent pay day. We faced many challenges with this system. The kids would do some of their chores and avoid the ones they didn’t like. Because each chore didn’t really have a value, it wasn’t clear how much of the allowance was earned or not. It was difficult to provide allowance for chores that were done vs chores that were skipped.

We started searching for an app to track chores. What we found were lots of apps tied to prepaid credit cards with hidden fees. So we created the ChoreFly application to make our chores fly by.

Why ChoreFly?

Our adult users set up chores, points, and rewards when you sign up. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a bunch of suggestions to make that process fly by. Then, ChoreFly automatically awards points when chores are marked complete. When enough chores are completed to earn points, the child will be able to redeem the points for your rewards. This is a way for you to get your children excited about their chores and grades in school. You will also learn a lot about what motivates your kids based on the rewards they choose. Not all rewards need to cost money either. You can include rewards like movie nights, parent video game time, family game night, high five, etc.

Now, our children are excited about ChoreFly because they can earn rewards. The parents are excited because chores are actually being done. And, since the adults chose the chore and rewards points, it can be set up for roughly the same amount as the old allowance. We can also dial up the reward points for the chores that are obviously the ones that the kids hate doing.